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Contact person: Debora Cugat
E-mail: dcugat@oliveoilxertoli.com


Xertoli Coupage Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Gift Box

Blend of Premium First Cold Pressed Oils

  • Coupage blend for balance and complexity
  • Great for bread, salads and vegetables
  • Crafted from Sevillenca, Farga and Morruda olives
  • Packaged in a beautiful gift box
  • Ideal for host or hostess gifts
  • Size – 500 ml/16.9 oz

Freshly cut herbs, green almonds and a touch of ripe apple are all detectable in this balanced, complex olive oil. Drizzle this golden delicacy on crusty bread or use it to sauté fresh vegetables to enhance their natural flavors and add buttery and earthy notes. Xertoli olive oil is packaged in an attractive box and is an ideal gift for the host or hostess. The bottle itself is striking and is fit for display on counter tops and kitchen tables.

A friend recommended Xertoli oil to us and after our first tasting, we added it to our collection. From generations-old family olive producers, this first cold pressed olive oil embodies excellence that comes with years of experience. This coupage blends Sevillenca, Farga and Morruda olive oil, achieving a beautiful balance of fruity and buttery notes with a healthy spice at the finish.

The Cugat family’s olives are grown in Les Borges Blanques in Catalonia where they thrive under extreme temperature shifts from cold winters to dry, scorching summers. During harvest, the olives are collected and processed in less than 8 hours in order to extract the finest quality oil. This fresh, first press oil exemplifies the superior quality of Xertoli.

The Cugat siblings, long time descendants from the Ebro Delta in Catalonia, commercialized their family olive groves to share their high-quality oil with the world. Today, Xertoli oil is used by top chefs across Spain.