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Contact person: Martí Carbó

2 Boxes of Whole Strawberries Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Delightful Chocolate Treats from Barcelona

  • Candied dried ripe strawberries
  • Covered in rich dark chocolate
  • Handmade in Barcelona since 1904
  • About 14 pieces per box
  • Size – 2 x 3.5 oz/100 g

The chocolate maestros at LuXocolat have created a masterpiece!  Fresh strawberries are dried and candied, then dipped in 60% dark chocolate.  The sweet, tart flavor of the strawberry balances perfectly with the rich chocolate to create a little bite of joy.

Premium ingredients are the secret to these delightful chocolates.  These treats are made using cocoa beans roasted and ground on site, real whole strawberries and natural vanilla.  The result is a rich, silky dark chocolate encasing a full-flavored strawberry center.

Since 1904, the Vira family of Barcelona has crafted chocolates and pastries.  Over four generations the tradition started by Josep Ramón has blossomed  into recipes for hundreds of creative and delightful confections.