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Contact person: Cristina Golobardes

Black Olive Pate by Trull Ylla

Premium Olives Blended with Olive Oil and Spices

  • Pate of ripe black olives
  • Seasoned with fresh herbs
  • Smooth with a tangy bright flavor
  • Family owned since 1873
  • From Emporda, near the Mediterranean

This delightful pate captures the essence of ripe Spanish olives.  Tangy and bright, with a mild herbal flavor, this pate is delicious paired on a canapé with a creamy goat’s cheese or fire roasted piquillo peppers.  It is also delicious added to your favorite pasta dish.

Since 1873, five generations of the same family have tended the olive trees in the Emporda region.  The land is their passion, and the proof is in their superior products, especially that queen of Spanish agriculture, the olive.

This pate is made from ripe black olives, actually more of a purple color, which are bursting with a tangy, fruity flavor.  (These are not the tasteless black olives at the grocery store, which are actually chemically treated green olives.)  The olives are blended with olive oil and wild herbs, resulting in a creamy, flavorful spread.

Emporda is a famous olive region in Catalonia, between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean.  Since Roman times it has been a prized region for premium olives and olive oils.  The family that owns Trull Ylla has been producing excellent olives and oils for 135 years.