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Llum del Mediterrani Extra Virgin Olive Oil Coupage

Rare Varietal Cold Pressed Olive Oil

  • Mild, fruity, well balanced olive oil
  • Flavors of fresh herbs, almonds and artichokes
  • Harvested in Baix Maestra, near the Mediterranean
  • Rare coupage of Morrut, Farga and Canetera oils
  • Drizzle on salads and sautéed vegetables

From trees caressed by mild Mediterranean breezes comes this exceptional extra virgin olive oil.  A special coupage of three rare varieties, Llum de Mediterrani is a mild yet complex oil with a bright fruitiness and fresh herbal flavor.  The Pepió and Puig families present their excellent olive oil in an elegant black bottle, individually numbered to reflect its small batch production.

Drizzle this bright, vibrant oil on fresh bread or a salad of local greens to enjoy its complex flavor, or use it to sauté garden vegetables.  This is the cold pressed juice of perfectly ripe olives, full of dynamic vitamins and antioxidants, which are not only the source of its exceptional flavor but a central part of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

The Pepió and Puig families have cultivated groves of olive trees in the Baix Maestra region for generations.  The area has been a favored source for olive oil since the time of the Romans, and the combination of a mellow Mediterranean climate and excellent soil for olive cultivation continues to produce great olive oil to this day.

The families are focused on cultivating special varieties of olives rarely found outside the region.  This coupage mixes the juice of Morrut, Farga and Canetera olives, allowing the tasting master to carefully balance fruity, herbal and peppery flavors to create a complex and vibrant extra virgin olive oil.

Keep your Llum de Mediterrani olive oil in a cool place away from direct light and heat.  The full flavor and health benefits of cold pressed olive oil fade with time, so we encourage you to use your olive oil within weeks of opening the bottle.