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Contact person: Maria Cuevas

Serraferran Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Oli de l’Empordà

Rare Cold Pressed Argudell Olive Oil

  • Smooth, nutty cold pressed olive oil
  • Flavors of roasted almonds and artichokes
  • Rare Argudell olives native to Catalonia
  • Drizzle on salads and sautéed vegetables
  • Family owned, finest quality

Empordà is a land of olive trees, and no olive is rarer or more sought after than the Argudell.  The diminutive tan and red Argudell olives produce a sweet, complex oil with almost no bitterness.  The olive oil masters at Serraferran cold-press their harvest within hours, creating a fresh, healthy and flavorful extra virgin olive oil.

Empordà is an ancient region in Catalonia, at the base of the Pyrenees.  Its unique microclimate is ideal for the fragile Argudell trees that are found only there.  These special olive trees require immense amounts of care, and less than half survive to a size large enough to produce olives.

The result is worth all of the effort.  This is a buttery, delicate oil with mild but complex herbal notes.  It has a warm, nutty flavor that mellows into a finish of artichoke and tart apple.  It is ideal for fresh greens like arugula or rocket, or drizzled on young vegetables like garden peas or baby zucchini.

This wonderful extra virgin olive oil is part of the healthy Mediterranean diet.  It is high in antioxidants and vitamins and is among the healthiest oils in the world.  Each bottle contains nothing but the juice of pressed ripe olives, and extra virgin olive oil is the only type of vegetable that uses no chemicals in its extraction.

Like all quality extra virgin olive oils, store away from light and heat to preserve its flavor and healthy attributes.  Use this oil within a few months to enjoy it at its fullest.