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Contact person: Verena Sanchez

Hardwood Smoked Salmon by Royal

Premium Sliced Smoked Salmon from Catalonia

  • Premium seafood since 1913
  • Fresh salmon, hardwood smoked
  • Thinly sliced for easy tapas and canapés
  • Cold smoked, never cooked
  • From the region of Barcelona

Silky salmon cold-smoked over hardwood is a wildly popular ingredient in tapas across Spain. Create a canapé of thinly sliced smoked salmon paired with creamy fresh cheese and sliced fresh cucumber or sliced, or serve with a slice of fresh avocado or dice and mix with fresh melon and capers – the delicious combinations are endless.

For over 100 years, Royal brand has offered the finest seafood in Spain.  Originally focused on bacalao, or salt cod, they eventually decided to become master smokers.  Fresh shipments of whole salmon from cold northern seas are received weekly.  Each fillet is carefully prepared on site to ensure the finest quality.

Only perfect boneless fillets are selected for slow smoking over hardwood.  The fillets are cold-smoked, which means the smoking is indirect, preventing the salmon from being cooked during the process.

After smoking, each fillet of salmon is carefully sliced to the perfect thickness, ideal for restaurant or home preparation of tapas and canapés.

Keep refrigerated. Use within a few days of opening.