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Oleura Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mild, Healthy First Cold Pressed Oil

  • Family farmed organic olive oil
  • Mild Arbequina oil from Catalonia
  • First cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • Flavors of fresh tomato, green olive and toasted almonds
  • Very healthy part of the Mediterranean diet

Oleura Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is full flavored yet mild, with a buttery flavor balanced with a touch of spice.  Harvested at the owners’ organic farm in the hills of Catalonia, it has flavors of fresh sliced tomato, green olives and toasted almonds.  This excellent olive oil is perfect drizzled on fresh greens or a nicely toasted piece of bread spread with fresh tomato – what they call Pa amb Tomaquet.

Stewardship of the land is central to the mission of Oleura.  They spread their trees out and use only organic fertilizer.  The trees respond with plump green and tan Arbequina olives, the famous sweet olive that originated very near to this part of Catalonia.  The harvest is quickly delivered to the local mill, where the olives are cold pressed.  The extra virgin oil is then gravity distilled, not filtered, to retail every bit of the flavor and health properties of the oil.

This artisan organic extra virgin olive oil is a delicious part of the Mediterranean diet.  Simply the straight fruit of the olive, it is packed with healthy vitamins and antioxidant rich polyphenols.

With all of the extra virgin olive oils available, how do we choose which to carry?  The answer is simple – we work only with small family companies that control the quality of the olives.  In the sometimes confusing world of olive oil, knowing the farmers personally is the only way to guarantee quality.

The farm is located in Juncosa de les Garrigues, a village in western Catalonia, said to be the original area for Arbequina olives.  The area has a dry Mediterranean climate with temperature extremes that are ideal for the Arbequina olive.

Store in a cool, dark place.  Use within twelve months while it is at its peak quality!  Health properties and flavor diminish over time, so enjoy your extra virgin olive oil now.