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Contact person: Joan Ventura

Nian Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Smooth, Flavorful Cold Pressed Oil

  • 100% cold pressed Arbequina olive oil
  • Silky, smooth oil with no bitterness
  • Flavors of almonds and dried fruit
  • A healthful part of the Mediterranean diet
  • Boutique small production by the Ventura family

The striking design of the Nian bottle holds a truly delicious extra virgin olive oil.  Cold pressed from fresh, mild Arbequina olives, the oil has a bright, nutty flavor with almost no bitterness.  Many consider Arbequina to be the queen of olive oils, and Nian is a beautiful example of how good it can be.

This healthy, flavorful oil is perfect for fresh salads or drizzled on a slice of artisan bread.  It can also be added to soups or dashed on rice or potatoes for a healthful substitute for butter.

Part of the famous Mediterranean Diet, this excellent extra virgin olive oil is antioxidant rich and lowers cholesterol, among many other benefits.  Only fresh cold pressed olive oils have these healthful effects.

The Ventura family lives in the countryside of Mont-roig del Camp and works with local farmers to select the best olive groves to produce their oil.  Their olives are harvested by hand and are pressed within hours, maintaining the healthy properties of the olives. The olives are first cold pressed and have a very low acidity.  The family maintains the oils in temperature-controlled tanks to maintain flavor and purity.

Remember to use your olive oil within a few months of purchase to benefit from all of the healthful properties of the oil and to enjoy its fresh flavor.  Always keep in a cool place away from direct light to maintain its flavor and healthful properties.