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Contact person: Montse Huguet
E-mail: mhuguet@lespartides.com


Les Partides Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Siurana

Cold Pressed Arbequina Olive Oil

  • Mild, nutty cold pressed olive oil
  • Flavors of almonds and apples
  • Healthy, antioxidant rich
  • Enjoy with salads and sautéed vegetables
  • Family pressed since the early 18th century

Full of nutty flavor, yet smooth and approachable, this Arbequina olive oil is a labor of love.  Tiny, sweet Arbequina olives are cold pressed just hours after they are harvested to make an oil that is perfect for sautéed vegetables, fresh salads and dipping with fresh bread.  It has bright flavors of roasted almonds, artichokes and fresh apples.

This is truly a small batch oil (the bottles we tasted at La Tienda were marked by hand!)  Partides refers to the excellent farmland farmed by the same family since the 18th century.  They take great pride in how they care for their land, their olives and the fresh juice that is olive oil.

Les Partides is from the region of Siurana where the magnificent Arbequina olives originate.  Arbequinas are tiny round olives that produce a wonderfully smooth and flavorful oil.  It is packed with antioxidants like Vitamin E that make it the healthiest oil in the world.

This oil is grown in the hills of Catalonia.  Each batch is cold pressed just hours after being hand picked, preserving its smooth flavorful character and health benefits.  Extra virgin olive oil is part of the amazingly healthy Mediterranean Diet, and helps maintain digestive health, skin health and lowers cholesterol.  It is the only oil that needs no processing – it is simply the pure juice of the olive.

Use your Las Partides oil within a few weeks of opening to enjoy its fullest flavor and health benefits.  Store in a cool, dark place.