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Contact person: Mario Herreros

Deliterranea Apricot Preserve 

Finest Quality with Licorice and Agave Syrup

  • Delicious, small batch apricot preserve
  • Traditional preserve with a modern twist
  • Sweetened with agave syrup
  • Flavored with a touch of licorice

Deliterranea offers preserves made the old fashioned way, but with a modern twist.   Freshly harvested apricots are the centerpiece, but instead of sugar and pectin, sweet agave syrup sweetens the recipe, along with a touch of licorice.

Vibrant and tart, this special apricot preserve is ideal for spreading on toast or adding to your favorite dessert recipe.  This juicy jam has a complex flavor, with agave syrup adding a molasses and honey flavor and the licorice a subtle finishing note that ties it all together.

Deliterranea began as a group of food fanatics with years of experience in the food industry who wanted to share the very best of Spanish cuisine.  They work with small producers to offer a variety of excellent preserves and gourmet foods.  They are based in Barcelona.