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Contact person: Alejandro Casanella

Crackania – Deluxe Gift Box of Chocolate Covered Almonds

65 Pieces of Exceptional Chocolate Covered Marconas

  • Whole Marcona almonds coated in chocolate
  • Innovative delicious flavors
  • 65 to 70 pieces, six delectable flavors
  • Beautiful gift box, an impressive present
  • Flavors include tiramisu, Crema Catalana and coffee

Experience the exceptional flavor of Crackania, the famous chocolate covered Marcona almond of Barcelona.  Premium whole Marconas are lightly candied, then robed in a thick coating of rich chocolate.  This beautiful gift box contains six innovative flavors, a concert of flavors for you to explore.

Marcona almonds are famous for their rich flavor and smooth texture.  They are the perfect partner for the delicious innovations of Casanella Xocolaters, the Barcelona  based creators of the Crackania style of chocolates.

Each gift box holds about a dozen chestnut sized chocolates in a delicious variety of flavors.  The classic is a candied Marcona coated with white chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder.  The second is coated with coconut shavings.  We are not usually huge fans of white chocolate, but the combination of flavors and textures is amazing!

The next flavor is Tiramisu, and it is amazing that they have captured the richness of Tiramisu, with coffee, cream and cocoa.  Next is a coffee vanilla, with rich dark chocolate and a bright vanilla flavor.  Next is white chocolate with grape pulp, with a mild grape flavor and bright sweetness.

Finally, our favorite, the Crema Catalana flavor, is creamy and crunchy with a wonderful caramelized flavor and beautiful color.

Give a box of the unique, innovative flavors of Barcelona with this delicious collection of Crackania chocolate covered almonds.