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Contact person: Eva Suana

Candied Figs by Can Bech

Famous Dessert from Catalonia

  • Ripe figs preserved in syrup
  • Artisan made in a tiny town
  • Delicious with farmhouse cheeses or ice cream
  • All natural

Fresh, ripe figs candied in syrup are a wonderful partner to fresh, tart cheese or a rich, creamy ice cream.  Crafted by hand by the Bech family, this traditional Catalan dessert became a sought after confection, attracting the attention of foodies and chefs across Spain.  Now you can enjoy this famous treat in your home.

Can Bech opened as a restaurant in 1981 in the tiny town of Fontanilles, population 160.  The delectable candied figs on the dessert menu became a phenomenon, served alongside with fresh sheep’s cheese, in the tradition of the area.  As it’s fame grew, fans of authentic, traditional food would travel from Barcelona and all over the region just to try these amazing figs.

The Bech family began to prepare and preserve these special Empordá figs in jars to sell to their customers.  These artisan preserves were so successful that they began selling across Catalonia, Spain and Europe.  Now they carry a full line of preserves, jellies and chutneys, but their figs are still the most popular.

Fontanilles, in the region of Empordá, has panoramic views of endless fields of apple, fig and peach trees that cover the land.

Shelf stable, refrigerate after opening.