Rbla. Del jardí, 119.
Ph: +34 93 590 69 30 / + 34 943 30 09 19
Contact Person: Ester Amorós

In CAL SABOI, we have been producing Arbequina olives in our own fields in Lerida since

Our extra virgin olive oil is made with carefully selected arbequina olives from our fields, and
is backed up by the full strength of tradition from six generations of the Amorós family. Our
compromise is to create an olive oil that has a refined origin and is environmentally friendly.

To distinguish our product from the competition, our CAL SABOI EVOO is only distributed in
specialty fine food stores such as retail shops with imported products, gourmet & delicatessen
outlets, duty-free shops, gourmet corners and selective chains of restaurants & hotels.


– Integrated Production. We use an agricultural production system designed to produce
high-quality foodstuffs which are friendly to human health and the environment, and which
guarantee food safety and traceability.

– UV protection treatment & transparency of oil. We use state-of-the-art bottles
treated with a specific, recyclable coating to protect the oil against exposure to UV radiation
from sunlight and artificial sources. However, the bottles are still transparent, so the product
can be seen in its natural state. (PREMIUM Line)

– Inert nitrogen atmosphere. Our bottling system provides an inert nitrogen
atmosphere inside the bottles, eliminating any oxygen which might otherwise penetrate the
oil molecules and thus stopping the oil from oxidizing.  This makes for a longer shelf life.

– Refill-prevention, anti-drip seal. To protect the quality of our products, all our
containers are fitted with refill-prevention, anti-drip seals which enable the oil to be poured
very finely.

– Acidity <0,1º.
– Foodservice Channel: We have incorporated a pouring device to our 250ml bottle
for the restaurant and catering industry. Its original design makes it easy for serving and
highlights the quality of the product. We also offer the option to have a bottle of 100ml with a
special packaging, for those who want to display miniature samples.