10 aromatics del mediterrani

Contact person: Marc Brunet

Gift Pack of Infused Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Infierno, Fresco, Mediterrani and Italian Herb

  • Artisan extra virgin olive oil
  • Cold pressed with fresh herbs and spices
  • Infierno spicy oil, Fresco with lemon,
  • Mediterrani and Italia with different herbs
  • Great for fish, pasta, meats and vegetables

It began as a dream, three young students who wanted to share the delicious foods of their small town with the world.  Only the finest quality would do, and they set out to create extra virgin olive oils that express the best of Mediterranean cuisine.  Their masterpiece is this gift set of four organic olive oils pressed with fresh herbs and spices.  Each is ideal for adding flavor to your favorite vegetables, meats, fish or pasta.  And all are exceptionally healthy.

The four distinctive flavors enhance the flavors of a variety of foods: Infierno is pressed with five different hot peppers, giving it a red tint and fiery flavor.  This oil is ideal for grilled meats and vegetables, chili, guacamole or any time you want to add some heat.

Fresco is a refreshing oil, pressed with whole lemons and fresh mint.  This bright, zesty cold pressed olive oil brings out the flavor in fish, shrimp and clams.

Mediterrani is pressed with wild herbs from the Catalan countryside.  It is excellent with roasted lamb, pork or grilled vegetables.  Italia is pressed with fresh rosemary, oregano and a touch of pepper and is excellent with pasta, pizza and drizzled on fresh baked bread.

Aromatics of Mediterrani began in a small town in the district of La Segarra in the Catalan countryside.  Three friends decided to support their local community by creating an exceptional selection of organic extra virgin olive oils.  They crowd-funded their dream through friends and website donations – and succeeded!

But how to make their products stand out from the crowd of olive oils?  They worked with tasting experts to create four unique and delicious flavors. The key was to add fresh ingredients – rosemary, whole lemons, mint and peppers – directly to the olive press along with freshly harvested olives.  No concentrates or “essences” are used in the process, so the bright, complex flavors of the herbs and spices accentuate the smooth, buttery olive oil to create a concert of tastes.