CHICAGO: July 25th, 2013

After the opening event in Washington DC last April, Chicago was the next city to host the new business-only Food Tasting event. The event took place at the Catalan restaurant Mercat a la Planxa (638 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605) on Thursday, July 25th 2013.

Dozens of industry professionals from the Chicago area attended the Food Tasting, including importers, distributors, reps, wholesalers, gourmet stores and restaurants. They had the chance to try some unique products from Catalonia, never brought before to the US market.

Additionally, a private lunch was organized before the tasting. The representatives of the Catalan companies presented their products to the main importers of the Midwest. The menu was composed exclusively by Catalan Gourmet USA products:

  • three appetizers: Assortment of Olives and Pickles (Amanida), “Pa amb tomàquet” with Cal Saboi olive oils (Cal Saboi), Escalivada with Catalan Gourmet USA olive oils (Cap d’Urdet)
  • three entrées: Mushroom Risotto (Cap d’Urdet), “Pa amb tomàquet” with Xertoli olive oils (Xertoli), Seafood Paella (Miquel Alimentació Grup)
  • and finally, desserts and coffee: Soft Almond Nougat (Miquel Alimentació Grup), Cafès Novell Espresso Coffee (Cafès Novell)

To see some pictures of the event, you can visit the photo album on our Facebook page: